Scaffolding is up on the south side of Johnson Hall

Boarded windows awaiting restored/new replacements

A view of the scaffolding from the ground up









The windows on the south side of Johnson Hall have been boarded. Some of the windows that were taken out went to Jacobs Glass for restoration. Some windows needed replacement, so new Green Mountain windows were ordered. The great news is that the scaffolding is up and the windows are due to go back in tomorrow! Take a stroll by to see this in action and share your pictures on social media with the hashtag #WeAreJohnsonHall

Masonry Preservation Associates continues the masonry work on the east side (front side) of Johnson Hall and the east side work will be completed this week. They will then move to the south side (park side) and begin the masonry work there. As the weather turns colder, work will continue, but when the temperatures are no longer favorable, masonry work will pause and continue in the spring.

Through all of this, Johnson Hall continues to serve our community, despite not being able to welcome you all into our building for live performances. Our Spooky Walk will be on October 30th and tickets are free.

About this Event

Join us for a fun-filled spooky walk through Johnson Hall! This event will be a safe and enjoyable event inside Johnson Hall. Groups of up to five people at a time will enter Johnson Hall on the second floor off Mechanic Street and make their way through various scary and spooky scenes on their way to the third floor. Once they reach the third-floor attendees can play Halloween-themed carnival games and win fun prizes. Attendees will exit the third floor back to Mechanic Street.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ-Johnson Hall will be observing all recommended safety protocols for this event.

All Attendees must be mearing a mask (it’s Halloween,).

Attendee’s temperature will be taken before entry (non-contact thermometer)

We will have timed entrances in order to keep social distancing requirements.

All traffic in and out of the building will be in one direction. There will be no two-way traffic.

All items that will be touched by attendees will be sanitized between uses.

Attendees may be asked to wait before entering to ensure a safe distance between groups.

For tickets, visit the event link on our website at

Again, if you have taken pictures through our renovation of the exterior of Johnson Hall, share them on social media with the hashtag #WeAreJohnsonHall  We would love to see them!