Our Mission

The mission of the Johnson Hall Performing Arts Center is to promote, create, and inspire artistic excellence through the presentation of world-class entertainment and professional performing arts education and to drive cultural and economic growth for our community.


Johnson Hall got its start in 1864 when owner Benjamin Johnson was determined to convert his modest livery stable into a performance hall that would attract patrons from all around the area. From concerts to speakers, masquerades to graduations, and even roller skating, Johnson Hall has hosted a variety of events and performances during its storied time. Over 150 years later, Johnson Hall still does just that.

Our first-floor theater, now renovated into an accessible 117-seat performance space, where we present year around live professional music and art programs for all ages. We are currently working to fully restore all three floors of Johnson Hall, creating a new state-of-the-art performing arts theater, while making sure to maintain the character of the past. See a visual timeline of Johnson Hall and learn more about the current renovations:

Staff conduct tours of the building during regular hours (Tuesday-Friday, noon-3:00 pm). Johnson Hall Performing Arts Center welcomes you to explore our website, to learn more about our building and our programs.


Dan Burnes, President

Carolyn Kimberlin, Vice President – Dartmouth College

Scott Nivus, CPA – Treasurer

Katie Doherty, Secretary – Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce

Peter Maylon – VMware, Inc.

Karen Moody – Laura E. Richards Elementary School

Wesley Littlefield

Mike Lyne

Phyllis Gardiner

Thom Harnett

Toni Pied

Michael R. Miclon – Executive/Artistic Director, mike@johnsonhall.org

Maureen Reed – Development Director, maureen@johnsonhall.org

Pam Rideout – Director of Operations, pam@johnsonhall.org

Mercedes Arnold – Marketing and Communications Director, mercedes@johnsonhall.org

Derek Roe – Production Manager, derek@johnsonhall.org

Have any questions for our staff or Board of Directors? Get in touch below.