With warmer weather, work has begun again for the exterior historic preservation of Johnson Hall

Ganneston Construction has returned, with work being done by Maine Preservation Associates on the park side of the building. When the weather turned cold in January, they had to stop until it was warm enough to begin again. That time is here!

If you drive by, or walk by and linger in the park next door, you will see workers up on the scaffolding, even sitting with legs dangling down. As they work their way along the park side, they will transition to the Mechanic Street side, and end on the high side abutting the building to the right. We are told it will be complete in 6 – 8 weeks.

At that time, Phase One of our historic renovation will be complete. The exterior will have all windows restored or replaced, the cornice will have been restored and painted, and the masonry work will be complete.

Onward as we fundraise the remaining dollars needed to start the interior of the building, known as Phase Two! As of today, we have raised $4,322,161 toward our goal of $5.5 million. We are almost there.