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Incredible juggling performed to live mixed music

Enter the Fish Tank-Pioneers of a New Frontier

A first of it’s kind multi-media experience. Combining the innovative music and remixes of electronic producer ThinkFishTank, and the world-class juggling & prop manipulation of renowned stage performer Shane Miclon. The show incorporates custom lighting, video projection, and a variety of special effects to create an immersive audio, visual, and narrative experience.


Steve Corning-Electronic Musician

Steve Corning (aka ThinkFishTank) has been an electronic musician and professional DJ for over a decade. In that time he has released 3 solo albums as well as created original content for brands like Coca-Cola, scored international award-winning short films, and has been featured on TV and radio in 7 countries. Steve’s music combines original compositions with audio samples of everything from film, television, video games, and more. Bringing together pop culture, obscure media and original instrumentation to create an entirely unique patchwork of sound.

Shane Miclon-Juggler

Shane Miclon learned to juggle at the age of five. When he was thirteen he began an apprenticeship with renowned juggling & theater coach Fritz Grobe. His 15-year career has taken him around the globe, including performances in Philip Glass’ “Akhnaten” at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Shane’s juggling style incorporates movement that is deeply informed by the natural patterns of the props he interacts with, and he is known as not only a technically proficient performer but also an innovator in the field of visual arts.

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