Interior Renovations Begin

Interior renovations began at Johnson Hall on April 8, 2022 with a construction kick-off event. This was Phase Two of the renovation.

Interior Renovations Begin2024-03-14T13:58:40-04:00

Exterior Renovation Begins

Exterior renovation of the 1771 foundation began at Johnson Hall on August 31, 2020. This phase was known as Phase One of

Exterior Renovation Begins2024-03-14T13:31:53-04:00


Over a century and a half later, Gardiner is actively dedicated to fully restoring the third floor of Benjamin Johnson’s Hall, creating


Opera House

From there, another staircase turns and ascends into the magnificent cathedral-ceilinged theater hall of time-gone-by. In 1888, the space was transformed into

Opera House2018-03-26T19:36:16-04:00

Events of All Kinds

From the beginning, Johnson Hall showcased performances and events of all kinds – from concerts to speakers,  masquerades to graduations, and even

Events of All Kinds2018-03-26T19:26:10-04:00

Benjamin Johnson

In 1864, Benjamin Johnson, owner of one of Gardiner’s finest hotels, determined to convert his modest livery stable into a proper hall

Benjamin Johnson2018-03-26T19:26:03-04:00


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