About Rick’s Cafe

Rick Dosedlo, our head Rick, has a dream. A dream to own his own bar and to name it “Rick’s Cafe.”  Unfortunately, his dream has not come true…until now!  Johnson Hall will have a bar & concession area on the second floor that will be fully renovated during the rehabilitation of the theater. That bar & concession area could be named “Rick’s Cafe” if Rick can find 99 like-minded Rick’s to join in his effort. 99 like-minded Rick’s, Ricky’s, Erica’s (or even Non-Rick’s who want to be a Rick) to donate $1,000 each for the $100,000 naming rights of that bar & concession area. If you are one of those 99, your name will forever be inscribed on the wall in the bar & concession area and when you come to a show, your first drink is on us!

So, to all Rick’s, Ricky’s, Erica’s (and Non-Rick’s who want to be a Rick), this is your chance to own a piece of history.  Together, we can make Rick’s dream come true!