In November 2021, Johnson Hall was delighted to announce the successful completion of the Peter & Sandra Prescott / Team EJP Raise the Curtain Challenge in record time. That effort inspired an anonymous donor to come forward with an additional matching challenge gift of $500,000!

This very generous challenge, which we called the Punch List Challenge, came at the right moment because our costs of construction and materials had significantly increased due to world-wide supply chain problems and price volatility. Successfully meeting this new $500,000 Punch List Challenge ensured that we remain on schedule to begin the long-awaited renovations to Johnson Hall. We are happy to say the challenge was met, raising and matching the $500,000, and construction has begun!

We are so grateful to all our donors for believing in Johnson Hall and its vision for our community. Thank you for helping us finish the punch list to move us toward the future!

The Punch List Challenge is complete – thank you for donating!

Fundraising Complete – $500,000 of $500,000 matched – 100%