As the weather turned colder, construction on the exterior of Johnson Hall continued.

Until it could continue no more.

The scaffolding has now been covered and we await warmer weather in the Spring to finish up this phase of construction.

So much has been completed though and we have loved reading your comments about it! Here are just a few of them.

“Looks Amazing!” – Toni Pied

“Awesome! So many great memories there.” – Josh Parkin

“Very sharp!” – John Blanchette

“Beautiful. I love it.” – Harriet Warshauer

“Henrietta is again pleased.” – Robert Abbey

Yes Robert, she sure is!

So what has been completed?

WINDOWS: The window work completed was broken into several categories, including rough carpentry, installation of seven new Green Mountain Windows, the restoration of 21 historic windows, and miscellaneous caulking and sealing. Windows were replaced with Green Mountain windows, Milestone series at seven locations across three floors of JH. Five additional windows across three floors of the structure also required restoration. In these locations, the following scope of work was completed:

  • Completed National Park Service Restoration of wood sashes and door,
  • Removed sashes from window opening, using lead safe practices,
  • Stripped paint and deglazed,
  • Repaired wood window sash according to National Park Service Level III specifications,
  • Primed with oil-based primer,
  • Re-glazed with oil-based glazing compound,
  • Painted, two coats of acrylic latex paint-exterior black,
  • Re-Installed sashes with bulb seals, spring bronze and rope, and
  • Replaced 20 percent of the glass using clear double-strength glass.

MASONRY: The masonry work has been completed on the front side of Johnson Hall and partially on the park side. In the spring, they will return to complete the remaining scope of the project.

This has been an exciting time for Johnson Hall and for our community. We look forward to the day when we open our 400 seat renovated theater on the 3rd floor. Until then, we will continue our fundraising efforts and look toward the future. #inthistogether #WeAreJohnsonHall

Water Street View of Johnson Hall