Waiting on windows and moving into brick repointing in Phase One of Johnson Hall’s historic renovation project

As the remaining windows are being restored off site and new windows are on order, the construction has moved into the next stage of phase one. Mortar mock-up inspection was done last Tuesday. From the east side (Water Street front side of Johnson Hall) to the south side (park side of Johnson Hall), the brickwork will continue. Soon we will see scaffolding up on the park side for this purpose and to reinstall the windows that are being restored. Keep looking out and checking in for updates. Stop by to see for yourself too!









Are you curious where we are in our fundraising. As of today, we have raised $3,822,008. This is amazing, yes, but we continue the work to raise the remaining $1,077,992 we need to move into Phase two of the construction. Phase two is the interior of the building.

Have you heard about our “Take a Seat & Create a Legacy Campaign?” We invite you to take-a-seat to support our Capital Campaign in a meaningful way. Honor a loved one, contribute as an individual or family, or promote your business. Name a seat and take a permanent place in the history of Johnson Hall. If you are interested in hearing more, reach out to Carrie at carrie@johnsonhall.org or visit our website page under “Take a Seat & Create a Legacy by clicking here.