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Comedian Johnny Ater LIVE, recorded for broadcast at Johnson Hall Opera House. Opener is Comedian Adam Hatch!

Please note: This show will be recorded for broadcast.


Life-long local and arguably Maine’s funniest, down-home comedian, Johnny Ater offers up hilarious and honest stories about life, family, relationships, work, and his colorful local friends, which he brings to life on stage for all to meet.

Ater is not a bitter, self-hating comic, he’s vulnerable and embraces his uncool persona, which makes you embrace your own at the same time, winning over every audience, through communal fear of our collective and eminent nerdiness. THAT will make you laugh, BUT it’s his rubber face that you’ll be talking about for days after seeing his performance. Johnny has the ability contort his face in ways that will make you hysterical.

He’s your goofy brother, your dorky Dad, your silly Grandpa, but after a show with him, he’ll just feel like “Johnny, your funny best friend”.

Don’t miss one of Johnny’s amazing live performances throughout New England.

WEBSITE: https://www.johnnyatercomedy.com/


Adam is a Girl Dad by day and a Stand up Comedian by night. He makes an awful birdhouse but a mean risotto! Adam’s comedy journey began in 2005 at Portland, Maines Comedy Connection, and since then, He’s performed on stages from New England to Las Vegas. Sharing laughs with icons like Eddie Brill, Juston McKinney, Michael Winslow, and Bob Marley, Adam’s infectious energy and relatable humor will have you asking where you can see him next.

WEBSITE: https://adamhatchcomedy.com/

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