Johnson Hall Phase One Continues

As the weather turns colder, the work moves ahead! Yes the weather is changing. We have had some cold days, but our

Johnson Hall Phase One Continues2020-11-05T15:17:16-05:00

Johnson Hall Window Repair Continues

Priming, painting, caulking of the windows at Johnson Hall As of Tuesday, September 22nd, Jacobs Glass had primed, painted, and caulked 65%

Johnson Hall Window Repair Continues2020-09-25T17:01:51-04:00

Window Repair at Johnson Hall

Phase One of the Rehabilitation has continued this week with window sill repair First, let's look at the front page of today's

Window Repair at Johnson Hall2020-09-17T15:16:14-04:00

Johnson Hall Renovation Project

Johnson Hall begins exterior work of the 1864 Opera House Phase One of the historic Opera House renovation began on August 31st

Johnson Hall Renovation Project2020-09-08T14:05:36-04:00


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